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One of the top questions I get from aspiring illustrators and designers is "how do I figure out my signature style?" or "how do I know if my signature style is good?" or "how do I stick out in the crowd?" What makes your work YOU can sometimes be a little bit tricky to figure out and define. Also, developing your "signature style" on your own organically can take years, it certainly did for me. I tried all medias under the sun until one day something clicked because I took the time to sort through my intentions and direction for my artwork. This workshop is going to present you with assignments and exercises to practise to speed up this discovery and development phase. I can't guarantee that you'll walk away after 4 weeks with a solidly fleshed out "signature style" but you will definitely be heading in the right direction!

Example images from class

Here's a little peek at what the class looks like!

This is what's included:

Class runs from October 12th - November 6th, 2020

  • Clarity

    Instructional, motivational and inspirational videos and 4 workbooks to help clarify your direction, choices, and boost your creative confidence.

  • Assignments

    4 weeks of assignments and exercises to develop your signature style in double time. Assignments will be presented in instructional videos with corresponding workbooks.

  • Support

    A private Facebook group to share your assignments to gain valuable real time feedback from me and the rest of the group. Plus I will be hosting 2 live Q & A sessions in the group so you can get all your questions answered!


What people are saying about this workshop!

“I LOVED Kristina’s Fast Forward Your Signature Style. It has been one of my favorite classes of all time to date. Kristina has a wealth of knowledge and freely shares what she knows. She gave numerous examples to make her point. But my favorite was the weekly exercises. She made them so much fun!!! I loved creating my signature palette, Pinterest boards and applying styles I liked to my work. I almost didn’t take the class because of a previous workload but sooooo glad I did. I feel like I now have the tools to hone my art and create a consistent signature style and I know why it is important to do so as well! I am a FAN. I highly recommend this class.”

Barbara A.

“I really liked the workshop and enjoyed it very much, I would definitely recommend it. It helped me find my colour palette and I used this knowledge to develop my logo further. The exercises were very enlightening and gave me insight on the style I like.”

Katia G.

“My experience was very good. I definitely gained more clarity regarding colours, useful exercises and my style in general. I would recommend this course to all the people who are still struggling with finding their direction and who are looking for their signature style when creating their art.”

Emilia P.

Class Curriculum

  • Week 1: I will share my personal story of style development, discuss what signature styles are and how to stand out in the crowd. We will also dig deep into color, subject matter and technique.

  • Week 2: We will look to inspiration from other artists, designers, photographers etc. to understand what we are naturally drawn and apposed to.

  • Week 3: We will dissect what we've learnt the past 2 weeks and define the parameters of our signature style.

  • Week 4: We will put all that we have learnt the past 3 weeks together to create a finished illustration or pattern. We will also discuss how to move forward.

Online Workshop?

What can you expect from this

  • To learn more about what a "signature style" is, why it's important and why you are even trying to develop one.

  • How to stick out in the crowd and how to go about navigating several of your "signature styles" at the same time.

  • Gain confidence and clarity for the direction you would like to go to continue to develop and refine your "signature style".

  • How to move forward once you define your "signature style".

  • Do to the nature of digital products there is no return policy.

  • You have lifetime access to the course. The course will on occasion be put on pause for updates etc.