Airtable for Creatives

Let me tell you what it's all about!

I created this course for you, my fellow illustrators, surface pattern designers, letterers, or other creative people because I know first hand how difficult it is to keep track of #allofthethings when you are trying to run your own business.

My creative business hasn't always run smoothly, and my file organization and planning system has previously been a joke. A couple of years ago I finally prioritised creating a simple system for my business and it has helped me in more ways than one. I not only feel more confident in my business because I treat it as an actual business rather than a hobby, organizing has also helped me to achieve more in less time with less headaches. And now I'm so incredibly excited to share all my systems, tips, and tricks in this course with all of you. Woo hoo!
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This course is a perfect fit for you if...

In this class I'll show you how!

  • You feel a bit overwhelmed by all the digital files, contact information and ideas you are accumulating because you are a prolific artist constantly dreaming, creating, & doing.

  • You don't already have a system in place for your business and you are drowning in your never ending to do list, scrambled workflows, and never know what to work on next.

  • You want to work smarter, not harder (but still hard of course) to free up time to do more of what you love the most, or just feel a bit less overwhelmed.

  • You've heard around the internet that it's paramount you have a system in place for your business and you are overwhelmed by the choices and don't know which is best for you. How about you copy & paste mine!

Wait, what is Airtable?!

Just a sec...

Airtable is a FREE online tool. And it's my favorite thing ever! It's like a spreadsheet database hybrid. Don't let this scare you though, it's super user friendly and can be adapted in so many ways to create custom databases to organize and store just about all information/resources you need with in your creative business. I would also like to mention that I, Kristina, am in no way sponsored or affiliated in any way with Airtable. I just honestly love the tool and have been using it for years.

A few kind words

This is what people are saying about learning with Kristina

“I've found Kristina's classes really helpful, especially those related to the "scary" part of this business like approaching clients or how to price our work. Many of us are starting our journey as a surface designer or illustrator and receiving a great amount of information is very much appreciated! The way she conceives each class is very well organized and detailed and the support materials and resources are so useful because it gives you an idea of real-life experiences! ”

Lara Mascareño

“Every time I took one of Kristinas classes I felt like I was listening to some words of wisdom of a friend. Her kind and funny way to explain techniques etc. is absolutely stunning. She knows her business and I learned a lot from her. Can´t wait to see what she will come up next with. Thank you, for inspire me and so many others to create beautiful artwork on a professional way! ”

Julia Klein

So could you!

This is what I have accomplished with the help of Airtable.

For the past 3 years I’ve not only been prioritising growing my business but also growing my family. My son was born in 2016 and then my daughter in 2018. In these past 3 years I have been able to accomplish more in less time than I was able to in the years before kids when I had 8 hour work days. 

With average 2-3 hour work days (if that!), without working nights or weekends too might I add, plus being pregnant half the time (hello, exhaustion!), I have exhibited at Surtex with my art collective plus nearly 10 other trade shows with the help of agents, published 12 online classes, launched an 18 piece fabric line, kept up with client projects and my agent’s policy of creating at least 2 x 6-8 piece licensing collections per month, not to mention growing an online community of creative entrepreneurs on my newsletter and private FB group, and you know, had a life too.

Whew, that’s a lot I know, and yeah, I don’t always do the dishes, but that’s ok.

Included in the course you'll find:

All fine and dandy but what am I getting?

  • 32 Video Lessons filled to the brim with all of Kristina's tips and tricks, expertise and encouragement to help you get all aspects of your business organized from your artwork files, contact information, financial goals, plans and much more!

  • The course in total takes around 3 hours to watch and is very easy to implement. You could have your new system up and running after just one weekend!

  • A fancy pants master check list so you'll never miss a step of your custom system building process. Those check marks are going to feel so good to tick off!

  • A helpful favorite resources and tools section with all extra resources mentioned in the class.

  • Best of all, you get the 3 main Airtable templates including 19 tables set up for your Business HQ, Financial Goals and Master To Do List shown in the course so you can get started right away. I've done all the hard work setting everything up so you don't have to. You're welcome!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Airtable for Creatives

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    • Welcome to Class. I'm so glad you're here!

    • My organization, focus, productivity, and motivation journey.

    • Why do you need a system anyways?

    • Join my free community to inspire, grow and keep yourself accountable!

    • Master Checklist. Print this out and have it ready to check off as you go!

  • 02

    5 Day Digital Declutter Challenge

    Show Content
    • If you missed the challenge...

    • Welcome to the 5 day digital declutter challenge!

    • Day 1 Challenge

    • Day 2 Challenge

    • Day 3 Challenge

    • Day 4 Challenge

    • Day 5 Challenge

  • 03

    Module 1: File Organization, Storage & Backups

    Show Content
    • Tidy up your space Marie Kondo style

    • Back up your shiz and cover your butt

    • Digital file declutter

    • Zero inbox email life goals

  • 04

    Module 2: Build your business HQ database in Airtable

    Show Content
    • Why you're going to be obsessed with your new database!

    • A quick run through of Airtable

    • Collections Table Overview and Inspiration

    • Build your Collections Table

    • Build your Contacts Table

    • How to use your collections table to review your portfolio and level up

    • How to keep track of all of your sales and licensing deals

    • Even more section ideas for your Business HQ!

  • 05

    Module 3: Money, stats and goals oh my! Build your Finances Database in Airtable.

    Show Content
    • Let's get nerdy with our financial goals!

    • Set up those yearly financial goals

    • Let's break it down into manageable quarters and talk a pinch about stats

  • 06

    Module 4: Get shiz done! Build your Master To Do List Database.

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    • Busy doesn't equal productive. Let's make real plans!

    • Plan out your year then break it up into monthly tasks

    • Now break up your monthly tasks into weekly tasks

    • Design your Ideal Weekly Schedule

    • Tackle your running to do list

    • Let's talk workflow productivity

  • 07

    Bonuses! Plus a big thank you for taking this course.

    Show Content
    • Pep Talk Time!

    • BONUS: Even more great uses for Airtable in your business and personal life!

    • BONUS: Airtable Templates!

    • Airtable saved my creative life!

    • BONUS: Resources to help you even more!

You will:

After taking this course...

  • Treat your business like an actual business.

  • Never have to waste time looking for that lead, file, etc again because everything has it's place in your business HQ.

  • Feel more confident when creating your goals and plans because you have an actual strategy and system in place.

  • Hit your zero email inbox goals on the regular.

  • Know what real productivity is so you can get stuff done that actually benefits your business.

  • Have more time to do more of what you love because you work efficient, smart and you take care of yourself.

Yeah, but what does this cost?

This is starting to all sound really interesting, huh?

  • $47.00

    A one time fee for lifetime access for only

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with a small price tag!

This is a beefy class

Don't be fooled by the small price tag this class will most likely be the best almost $50 bucks you've spent on your business in awhile!

You can not only copy & paste my entire system to run and keep my business organized but I give you tons and tons of instruction along the way to teach you how to implement these tools. We'll talk about leveling up your portfolio, tactics to get your work in front of buyers, how to set and break down your financial goals and then most importantly how to put plans and actions in place to actually achieve these goals. The actual value of this class should be around $297 or more but I'm letting you get it all for $47, because I'm nice like that!

Meet Kristina, your instructor

Hi I'm Kristina! It is my mission to offer resources to help other creative business owners to build their businesses in a much more sustainable, simpler and successful way than my long road of trial & error and insecurity.
Learn more about Kristina


Just in case you need a little more reassurance.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is great for any and all creative business owners who are looking for simple yet effective ways to create a personalized organization and planning system in place for their business and have struggled to figure it all out on their own. This class shares several ways of doing things so you should find the perfect solution for just your organizational/productivity problem. Since my expertise is in illustration and pattern design my examples will be directed towards these industries but can of course be adapted to your creative industry.

  • Who is this course not for?

    I probably can't help you if you already have a system in place for your business and you are looking to scale. This course is more about laying the groundwork to create custom systems for your business, especially if what you are doing currently isn't working for you.

  • Is this class's content really going to revolutionize my business?

    Getting organized and putting a system in place for your business is a small but not insignificant piece of building a sustainable and fulfilling creative career. If you put in the time and work to put a personalized plan in place you will treat your business as an actual business, you will gain confidence as your new efficient workflow becomes habit, your future clients will be impressed by your professionalism and the smooth way you work and in turn you will free up more time to do more of what you love to do. But! you have to put the ground work in place.

  • What if I'm not 100% satisfied with the content and it's not a good fit for my business after all.

    I completely understand but due to the nature of digital products I cannot offer refunds at this time. Feel free to get in contact with me if you are not satisfied though.